Bricks of Atlantis

Bricks of Atlantis 7.1

In Bricks of Atlantis you must hit a ball and catch jewels
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Bricks of Atlantis is a game in which you must hit a ball with your bat and catch jewels.
It´s another Arkanoid clone. This time you´re under the sea. There is a ball that you must hit, it will destroy some things (like bricks, or jelly fishes), and bounce against others towards you. You must avoid the ball to escape from the lower bottom of the screen, and catch the falling jewels and power-ups that will fall sometimes.

Avoid to catch the skulls, because they mean death, and you´ll lose a life everytime you catch one. You´ll lose a life if you miss a ball, too.

The destroyed brick will release power-ups that will enlarge your bat, give you multiple balls or even give you guns to destroy things faster.

Some bricks, and every jelly fish, need to be hit several times to be destroyed.

Some levels will have twisters inside. If you throw the ball into a twister, it will appear into another twister in the same level.

From time to time, a bubble wave will help you destroying things, but at the same time will difficult your vision.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a very addictive game, with nice sound and graphics


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